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Disney Zippity-Do Delivery Service

Branding Concept

Zippity-Do is a new premium service at Walt Disney World allowing on-property guests to order food and other items for quick and convenient delivery.


The concept behind the branding and packaging design is based in a story - the fun and lovable Br'er Rabbit has started the Zippity-Do Printing Press for Mickey to spread joy across all of Walt Disney World. Leveraging the positive attitude that is behind the Zip-a-dee-doo-dah song, this concept wraps up each satisfactual delivery with vintage-looking Disney newsprint filled with fun and laughs, giving every recipient a wonderful day hot off the presses.

Bold and Graphic newsprint that showcases some of the types of items that can be delivered to guests along with popular iconography and character phrases. From food to merchandise, each delivery will have a fun and unique wrapping.

Target Audience:
Young Upscale Families, 24-39 ($75-150k), who are digitally-savvy, have a high affinity for Disney, frequently stay in Disney Resorts, and like to stay active and on-the-go during their vacations. They are willing to pay a premium for convenience and quick service.

Key Message:
The Disney delivery service is a fun and unique way to get on-the-go food and convenience items.

Young families  want every aspect of their visit to Disney to be magical and create a joy-filled experience.

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