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UNLV Boyd School of Law & Admissions

Catalog and Brochures 2011-2015

This is a series of high-end brochures and catalogs created for the Boyd School of Law and the Admissions Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).


One of the main design challenges important to the client was to come up with a way to graphically represent the various aspects of the student experience, and to represent the energy and personality of the institution in context with the City of Las Vegas. Throughout each piece, I used a diverse array of photography and created contemporary compositions that allowed the reader to get a feel for student life, including the demographics, activities, and academics present at UNLV.


To give each piece an additional feel of importance, I utilized hi-end paper and a variety of printing and production techniques. Metallic inks, die cutting, built in pockets, and flood matte coating contrasted by spot gloss UV are all used throughout the series of brochures providing a nice textural depth and sophistication to the designs, while still maintaining a clean look and feel and contemporary design style.

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