STRONG & KIND Still Manly

Social Media Ad Campaign

Kind makes delicious, healthy snack bars. And women love them...LOVE them. But young men love grilled meat and potato chips, not dainty snack bars that are sweet and fruity with colorful packaging. So they introduced the STRONG and KIND bar with backyard BBQ flavors for young everyday city slickers who aren’t interested in outdoorsy granola bars for camping trips, or massive protein bars to help you get totally shredded.

To connect with these guys we launched a social media campaign highlighting men who don’t subscribe to the constraints of traditional machismo. #StillManly is a celebration of standing out, staying true, and doing what you love, whatever it may be.

Target Audience:
Urban Edge - Young Men 21-34, with a middle class income ($35-49k) who like to buy natural and healthy food, but are not interested in the typical sweet and fruity protein bar flavors found in most brands.

Key Message:
Honest Manly.

Men want to be able to eat a healthy snack without feeling like it makes them less of a man.

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