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Kids are wonderful, but they are a lot of work. And going back to the office after having a baby is one of the most difficult things that New Working Moms have to deal with. Not only are they trying to succeed in their careers and not lose traction on their climb up the corporate ladder, but all moms want to provide a great home environment for their children. Balancing the two is very challenging and can be an emotional roller coaster.

Keeping this in mind, this campaign communicates an honest message about the challenges of motherhood and how having the coffee that you love at home can save time and help start the day off right.

Starbucks K-Cups You're Home. Your Coffee.

Integrated Ad Campaign

Target Audience:
New Working Moms, 28-35 ($75-99k), who are making the difficult transition to motherhood while trying to balance family responsibilities. These women are very busy with good careers and are willing to spend a little more to have what they like.

Key Message:
Have the coffee you love, at home.

Starbucks lovers are very loyal to their coffee brand and their day just doesn’t start out right if they don’t get it. New working moms are so busy trying to take care of their babies and make it to work that a stop at Starbucks just isn’t possible, and they may have to resort to the office coffee or some other brand that may be at home.

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