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Star Wars AR Hologram Pin Series

Product Innovation Concept

Leading up to the next release in the Star Wars film franchise, Disney creates a special series  of augmented reality hologram character pins.  When scanned, these pins display hologram animations and interactive content allowing users to learn more about the adventures and origin stories of their favorite characters  in the film, such as:

Target Audience:
Adult Star Wars Fans, 21-45 ($34-74k), who are tech savvy, enjoy visiting Disney Parks, watching sci-fi movies and entertainment, and like to dive into the lore and backstory of character in the Star Wars Universe. 

Key Message:
Collecting Disney Star Wars Pins gives you more access to the story.

Star Wars fans are a special breed. Many of them don't just casually watch the films, but eagerly await the release of each new film, live and breathe every detail of the stories, and grow to personally identify with the characters in the franchise. 

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