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Every year millions of people experience the adverse effects of inclement weather in their area such as blackouts, heavy rain, tropical storms, hurricanes, high winds, snowstorms, blizzards, flash floods, downpours, dust storms, and even wildfires. Severe weather can cause a number of problems for people including blackouts, road closures, downed trees, accidents, and more. Often these situations will disrupt people's dinner plans. During heavy storm conditions people may not want to leave their homes to be on the roads. However in a power outage, people don’t want to (or possibly can’t) cook at home and would rather go out.

#Pizza911 is an all digital first response ad campaign that uses open data to help people with dinner during severe weather situations. By analyzing specific data sets we can connect directly with people who are in the middle of experiencing these problems and offer dine-in or delivery discounts to make dinner plans a little easier.


Pizza Hut #Pizza911

Digital Ad Campaign

Target Audience:
People 18-39 ($24-49k), who are currently experiencing severe weather effects and value discount dining offers.

Key Message:
Dinner is saved!

Blackouts, road closures, or other effects of severe weather can be highly inconvenient and disrupt people's dinner plans.

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