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Odyssey: A Star Wars Story

Fundraising Ad Campaign

The EMPIRE and the REBELLION are on two opposite sides of the spectrum in the Star Wars Universe. As such the characters who occupy their respective sides tend to be passionate and extreme. Over time, fans of STAR WARS have adopted this passion and developed their own opinions about the characters and the organization they choose to side with.


By producing war propaganda-esque marketing materials for both the REBELLION and the EMPIRE, and incorporating more untraditional methods of advertising, the Odyssey campaign would encourage people to commit to a side, which would eventually culminate into identifying whether the participant is part of the EMPIRE or the REBELLION at the May the 4th launch event.

Three month fundraising campaign to raise $12,000 for the production of the Emmy award winning student fan-film Odyssey: A Star Wars Story. Built and led a 12 person advertising creative team preceding a May 4th fundraising launch event. Provided film branding as well as concepts and proposal for the advertising creative strategy, print and digital campaign, social media plan, video content treatments, promotional give-away items, and several live event ideas. 


Efforts contributed to the production raising over $14,000 to create the film. Branding and design work for the film was seen at the Emmys and Telly Awards.

Target Audience:
People who love Star Wars and might be willing to contribute to a student project to create a new fan-film.

Key Message:
Join The Fight

Fans of the Star Wars Universe naturally identify with their favorite characters and enjoy choosing to support either the Light or Dark Side of the Force.

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