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Netflix Enter the Upside Down

Social Media Ad Campaign

Enter the Upside Down is a Social Media strategy to create buzz online leading up to the Season 2 Premier of Stranger Things on Netflix.

The campaign utilizes a variety of social media outlets and functionality to drive audience engagement and sharing. Key highlights include Facebook 360 degree photo/video technology allowing the audience to explore various Upside Down environments, custom Snapchat filters to turn themselves and friends into the Demogorgon monster, and a unique campaign hashtag to encourage sharing over Instagram and other outlets.

Additionally, participants can interact directly with the Demogorgon by posting photos and comments to his profile page on Facebook. Each image posted is then digitally altered, “dragging the user to The Upside Down” by changing their environment and adding in the Demogogon monster. Using Facebook’s check-in functionality, the Demogorgan then posts the new photo to Facebook and checks himself and the user into The Upside Down, providing the user with a custom digital reward and a fun social media experience to share with their friends.

Target Audience:
Digital Savvy Urbanites, 18-35 ($24-49k), who are heavily active on social media, like Stranger Things on Netflix, and are inclined to participate with branded content that they find fun and entertaining.

Key Message:
Stranger Things is a mysterious and interesting tv show with fun, relevant, and engaging content to share with friends online.

Fans are intrigued by the unique concept of The Upside Down and the Demogorgan monster. This campaign allows them the opportunity to explore this aspect of the show in greater detail, as well as share a fun and engaging branded experience with their friends over social media.

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