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Magic Kingdom Girl's Night Out

In-Park Experience Concept

Magic Kingdom Girl’s Night Out is a quarterly in-park experience that creates a customized night for girls of all ages and their families. This special ticketed night out will celebrate what it means to be a girl in today’s world emphasizing friendship, independence, fashion, fearlessness, and an adventurous spirit.


Throughout the park, each land will highlight relevant strong female characters (like Moana and Elizabeth Swann in Adventure Land, Rapunzel and Belle in Fantasy Land, Elastigirl and Sergeant Calhoun in Tomorrow Land) and have character interactions and special activities to drive participation. Some possible activities could include: Moana Tribal Training, Hero’s Duty Laser Tag, Rapunzel Hair Salon Makeover, and Belle’s Fashion Boutique.


Each land will also feature special “girls” drink and food items. The special evening concludes with a staged fashion and entertainment show,  as well as an all-girl character parade down Main Street.

Target Audience:
Women, 19-29 ($29-74k), who value spending time with their female friends doing fun bonding activities.

Key Message:
Girl time is your time.

Women of all ages are constantly being told who they should be in our culture. This event allows girls to be who they want to be and encourages their unique and special qualities, and the bonds of female friendship.

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