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Mitchum #BroBurn

Integrated Ad Campaign

Mitchum is known for being an old-school deodorant brand you can trust. To revive them, we made it cool to insult your friends. The Mitchum #BroBurn Campaign invites people to insult their bro-friends by using fun and customizable retro memes that are sharable over social media. For Instagram, Mitchum creates a gallery of insults that users can easily choose and direct message to their best buds. On Facebook, guys have the opportunity to choose from a gallery of insults, or if they’re feeling clever even write their own. Participants will also be able to win cool brand swag, like a Mitchum scented air freshener. This rebrand helps remind others that while Mitchum might be a little old-school, they’ve stayed reliable and true throughout the years. It also serves as a gentle reminder that good bros don’t let other bros keep stinking.


Campaign won the 2017 International Red Dot: Communication Design Award and was published in the Red Dot Communication Design Annual for Integrated Ad Campaign.

Target Audience:
Young Men, 18-24 ($10-29k). College students or new to workforce. Not looking for
anything too fancy, just something with a decent price that works. Active/busy lifestyles.

Key Message:
Insult your bro-friends for fun.

Young men are often unaware of their body odor and sometimes need a friendly reminder. Young men also like to tease their friends and share irreverent memes online.

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