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Disney Magic Moment Filters

Snapchat Social Campaign

Disney creates the most amazing and authentic representations of international experiences and cultures from around the world through rich storytelling on screen and immersive in-park experiences and attractions.


Utilizing Snapchat’s social platform and functionality, combined with ads placed in strategic OOH locations all around the world, Disney is sprinkling a little surprise magic on snaps taken with character driven Magic Moment Filters that allow users to digitally step into their favorite stories. When a Snapchat user takes a selfie in front of one of these ads, the background activates the filter and allows them and their friends to be magically augmented into their favorite Disney characters from movies and park attractions. Filters could also be unlocked through other mediums such as posters around specific areas at the Disney parks.


Become your favorite characters with Magic Moment Filters

Moana while in front of the Pacific Islands

Elsa (w/ Anna for pairs) while in front of Arendelle

Belle while in front of a small village in Provence

Buzz Lightyear (w/ Woody for pairs) in front of Andy’s room

Joy (w/ Sadness for pairs) while in front of San Francisco

Mickey (w/ Minnie for pairs) while in front of his clubhouse.

Social Influencer Activation

To activate the campaign, a fun online content series will be produced following a popular tween/teen social influencer (ex Alisha Marie) traveling around the world to discover all of filters.  

Target Audience:
Teens and Tweens, 13-19 ($0-19k), who are digitally savvy, have a high affinity towards Disney movies and parks, use Snapchat, and enjoy participating in digital activations.

Key Message:
Disney Magic is all around you.

Most Teens and Tweens love Disney, yet the brand is noticeably lacking in targeted social media to this demographic. Snapchat is the perfect platform to engage today's youth with our stories and characters, and remain relevant in this increasingly saturated media landscape.

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