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Hawaiian Tropic Target Audience

Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil is a protective sunscreen that allows women to get an envious beach glow. But for many young career driven women, taking time out for an extravagant vacation isn’t ideal. So in order to reach this Target Market, I created Awol Island–the long lost and completely forgotten 9th island of Hawaii. It’s a fantasy retreat on social media for over worked women to check-in to and fake a tropical escape. The campaign invites career driven young ladies to use their personal days to take a #fakecation and find their work-tan balance. The core message encourages consumers to enjoy sunny days outside getting a gorgeous tan doing the activities they love to do, while and still being protected from harmful uv rays.

The strategy utilizes social media, as well as print and outdoor to engage women across a variety of platforms. Women who check-in to Awol Island on Facebook gain access to fun and free digital rewards, including a custom sticker pack from the Facebook sticker store, and customized sick notes generated using data mining technology to fill out key details. Participants who share their #Fakecation stories on Instagram have a chance to win Awol Island branded souvenirs like beach towels, t-shirts, flip flops, shot glasses, and more.

Hawaiian Tropic Awol Island

Platform Hack + Integrated Ad Campaign

Target Audience:
Career-driven Women, 25-35 ($30k-$65k), who are dating or married with no kids. She focuses mostly on her responsibilities at work and feels burnt out because she doesn’t take her vacation days.

Key Message:
You don’t have to go on an extravagant
island getaway to have a beautiful tan.

Many young women work hard to succeed
in their careers, but struggle to find time
to take care of themselves or their tan.

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