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This book examines the historical visual culture of Las Vegas through a typographic retrospective of casino signage over roughly 70 years. As a native of Las Vegas, actually born and raised in Sin City, I have seen first hand the stylistic movements that the city has undergone. So often, when people think about “Las Vegas Style” all that comes to mind is vintage typography set in a sea of flashing neon and blinking lights. To be fair, there’s quite a bit of signage that is exactly that, but there’s quite a bit more to Vegas typography and signage also.

Through rich photography and an in-depth analysis, the content brings clarity to the distinct Vegas Styles birthed from the main movements in the City’s history. I explore commonalities and differences in letterforms, lighting applications and overall style present in each period. Additionally, I investigate the contextual underpinnings of these movements by discussing the political, business and marketing influences taking place.

These stylistic periods are:
Vintage Period (1950s - 1980s)
Family-Oriented Period (1989 - 2000)
Contemporary Period (2001 - 2012)


Evolution of Vegas Style

Typography Retrospective Book

Target Audience:
Men and Women 19-69, who are interested in learning more about design, typography, and the unique visual language of Las Vegas.

Key Message:
Vegas Style is more than vintage typography set in neon and blinking light bulbs.
When people think about “Las Vegas Style” they tend to think in visual clichés established through movies, tv, and popular culture. In reality, there’s quite a range of typographic treatments that have been used over time.

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