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EcoSmart Hot Temptation

Integrated Ad Campaign

The EcoSmart 36 is the most powerful model from the brand's full line of tankless water heaters, with the capacity to handle a large single-family home with the need to run hot water simultaneously from multiple applications, even in colder climates. The EcoSmart 36 can run four showers and two sinks simultaneously without running out of hot water.


The challenge with this campaign was to convince a predominantly male target audience that even though the product is more expensive over a traditional 40 gallon water heater, its superior quality and performance is a good investment for your home. My research uncovered that typically when a man gets to a certain point in life, quality and longevity of a product begins to outweigh the cost investment. Additionally, around middle age, men are often tempted to mid-life crisis purchases and activities - buying a sports car, having an affair, etc. So, I decided to use tempting hot and sexy imagery and innuendo to position the product as a midlife crisis indulgence that you need and deserve.

Target Audience:
Blue Collar Married Men, 35-55 years old with a HHI of $65+K who like to do weekend home improvement and remodeling projects - building and assembling things with their hands. They are nearing or are in the male mid-life crisis.

Key Message:
An indulgence that you won’t regret.

Men of a certain age are prone to induldge in temptations and be drawn in by hot and sexy imagery and innuendo.

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