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Disney Fashion Week

In-Park Event Concept

An annual event at the Magic Kingdom that features major international fashion designers showcasing high-end custom Disney inspired lines in a special ticketed runway show. Themes range from characters and movies, to theme park lands and even iconic rides. In addition, the event invites up-and-coming fashion designers to compete in a student competition which will select the top ten designers to bring their creations to life on the runway.

Supporting the event, special pop-up hair, make-up, and accessory stations will allow Magic Kingdom guests to show off their own sense of style during the event. Additionally, a special limited-edition line of Hero and Villain inspired fashion will be available at select gift shops and boutiques in the park.

Leading up to the week on Social Media, fans are invited to take part in the #DisneyFash frenzy by posting pics and videos of their Disney inspired outfits for a chance to win special VIP tickets to the event.

Target Audience:
Millennial trend setters, influencers, and connectors 18-29 ($75-150k), who are highly social, digitally savvy, value being in the know, follow fashion trends, and have a high affinity for the Disney brand.

Key Message:
Disney is young, fresh, and fashionable

Disney is losing relevance with the majority of young and trendy fashion-forward consumers, however there is an un-tapped core within this millennial demographic that has a high affinity for the Disney brand. By leveraging this, a special high-fashion themed in-park event would create new attendance and interest in the Disney brand.

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