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Diamond Cake

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Diamond Cake Magazine is a high-end luxury lifestyle publication in Las Vegas that focuses on the top 2% wealthiest people in hyper-local fashion and provides the highest quality of editorial coverage in areas of people, philanthropy, community, culture, high-society, fashion, art, dining and travel.

The client, Shapiro & Sher Group, sells luxury real estate to people occupying the highest reaches of affluence in Las Vegas. They wanted to find a new way to connect with their target market while giving back to the community in their own special way. The publication was designed to engage someone who lives in a world where Wants are within easy reach, and Desires are easily satisfied. The content covers everything from high performance sports cars, hand-tailored clothing, rare and collectible art, and second and third residences, to fine wine, front row seats and the finest professional and medical services money can buy. Readers in Las Vegas interested in contemporary luxury living will not find a publication with a more elite and tasteful sophistication. Nothing comes close to Diamond Cake Magazine's editorial or aesthetic experience.

Within one year, our efforts contributed to an 80% growth in client production.

Target Audience:
Las Vegas Royalty, 36-65 ($500k+), who like the finer things in all aspects of life.

Key Message:
Redefining luxury in Las Vegas.
People with top tier wealth have the time to
enjoy the finer things in life. Their level of affluence allows for frequent and extended vacations, homebuilding with few financial restrictions, and collecting fine wines and
art. In order to engage this reader, all aspects of the publication must reflect an elite and tasteful sophistication that stands apart from other lifestyle magazines.

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