Disney Cruise Line Very Merrytime Cruises

Social Media Campaign 2017

Each year Disney Cruise Line creates an amazing and magical holiday season with its Very Merrytime Cruises. Guests delight in a winter wonderland of fun as they share seasonal splendor with loved ones and are treated to holiday-themed entertainment, activities and décor—including a giant gingerbread house, a 24-foot-tall Christmas tree, sparkling lights and more.

This social media campaign was one of the most successful the brand had ever launched resulting in the highest online audience engagement that they had ever seen in just one week.

Target Audience:
Upscale Families, 29-45 ($75-150k), who have a high affinity for Disney, value spending lots of quality time together, and enjoy making a big deal of the holidays.

Key Message:
Celebrate the magic of the holidays on a Very Merrytime Cruise. 

Disney Cruise Line creates an amazing and unique holiday experience for guests that is unmatched in the category.

Very Merrytime Cruises - Cinemagraph.jpg