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Dakem Destination Success

Sales Kit and Print Ad

This is a hi-end Sales Kit that I created for Dakem and Associates General Contracting, an established Las Vegas construction company specializing in building medical buildings, banks, restaurants, retail shops, offices, and industrial projects. The client wanted to convey that they do more than just construct buildings; in fact they are a partner with their client on the road to success. They pride themselves on seeing the big picture, as well as paying attention to the smallest details. They also wanted to communicate the different areas of experience they have (medical, retail, office, etc.)

My concept was to depict a long journey where the destination is success and Dakem will help you get there. I set the time period in the 1920-30s using an old steam trunk for the suitcase and art deco style illustrated travel stickers indicating the different areas that Dakem has expertise in. To cap off the concept, I evolved their logo to include the tag line “We’ll Get You There” and designed it into a stamp with a plane illustration modeled after the Douglas DC-3, a fixed wing double propeller plane that revolutionized air transportation at the time.

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