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Can-am Outlander It Could Happen

Integrated Ad Campaign

Can-am Outlander ATVs are the best on the market. They are larger, tougher, more powerful, and more sophisticated than any other ATV – more than most men would ever need in an ATV.

In order to reach the Target Market with this product, I tapped into something that men love doing: telling stories about their adventures and accomplishments. Often those stories become embellished and larger than life, stretching the truth from what actually happened to a tale that could’ve happened, but probably didn’t.

This campaign tells a series of “Outlandish Stories” about things that you could do with the Outlander, highlighting key product features in a fun and unique way.

Target Audience:
Sports Utility Men, 36-49 ($50-99k), who use their ATV for frequent weekend activities, seasonal and/or routine tasks around their property.

Key Message:
With a Can-am Outlander, you can go further, tow more, and look cool while having an adventure worth talking about.
Men love having cool stories to tell their buddies and this ATV gives them the ability to do some pretty outlandish things.

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