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Boy Scouts of America Zcamp

Branded Experience + Integrated Ad Campaign

Zcamp is a program that I came up with in response to the One Show Young Ones Creative Brief from 2015: Kids and technology - is it a good thing, or a bad thing? The brief asked us to examine the IRL versus URL experiences of kids, take a position, and create something. I decided to partner with the Boy Scouts of America for my client and create a new IRL weekend camping experience where Boy Scouts (new and existing) learn essential survival and leadership skills in a fun, role-playing, Post-Zombie Apocalypse themed camping adventure!

Over the years, Boy Scout memberships have slowly declined around the US–0ver 27% since 1997. This new twist on their weekend camp experience will inspire new membership and create lasting memories, while also having fun and learning important survival skills. Boys (7-16) will earn badges in this camp by successfully achieving specific tasks like building a campsite, starting a fire, and learning about first aid. Fun specialty badges can also be earned for learning themed skills like surviving in nature and Zombie self-defense techniques. Nerf is a primary sponsor providing an arsenal of weapons to fight the Zombie hordes throughout the experience. Bass Pro Shops is the primary sponsor for camping gear and provides a network of stores across the country for promotional events.

Target Audience:
Middle and High School Boys, 10-16, who are interested in getting active, learning survival skills, and zombies themes.

Key Message:
This new tech enabled zombie themed weekend camp experience is fun, unique, and exciting!
The Boy Scouts have an existing weekend camping program where members earn badges and learn everything from building a fire to first aid. Not only will attendees be able to still earn badges and do all the same things that they would in a traditional camping trip, but Zcamp will be Zombie themed and incorporate technology (augmented reality, location-triggered events, video enabled weapons) in a fun way to create a memorable and unique experience.

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