Bisquick They'll Never Know What's Missing

Traditional Ad Campaign

Busy moms don’t have time to make pancakes from scratch, but they want to provide a yummy, hearty, and healthy breakfast for their families to give them a good start to their day.

This is an ad campaign that I created for Bisquick’s line of healthy pancake mixes which include Gluten Free, Heart Smart, and Whole Grain.

Each unique headline is made from pancakes and paired with a colorful background to give the ad personality, and draw in the target consumer communicating with them in a fun and authentic way.

Target Audience:
Busy Moms, 24-39 ($29-49k), who want to make healthy food that tastes good.

Key Message:
Healthy. taste great, and more convenient than making pancakes from scratch.

Busy moms don't have time to make healthy and hearty breakfast from scratch.

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This is the personal portfolio of Creative Director and Professor Timothy Carvalho and features graduate work, professional work, and select student work created at a variety of agencies and academic institutions. Special thanks to all of the students, professors, and colleagues that have been part of my project teams over the years.

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