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APE Lacoste 1 Hour Per Week

Recruitment Campaign

This campaign was commissioned by APE Lacoste, a parent volunteer organization for the Elementary School in Lacoste, France. The goal was to motivate local parents to volunteer their time in the classroom and teach the kids (or demonstrate) some unique skill or talent that they have (such as cooking or music), or guide the children in an activity of their choosing (sports, nature walks, or crafts).

To communicate with the target audience in a fun and authentic way, I developed the character Clocky to demonstrate the varying ways that a parent could volunteer in the classroom. The phrase “1 Heure Par Semaine” translated to English is “1 Hour Per Week” which communicates the need, as well as the low impact nature of the request being made. Another phrase (in English) “You have so much to offer” was used to combat the fear that many of the parents have expressed that, if they were to step up and volunteer, that they wouldn’t have anything valuable to share with the children.

The response from the client was amazing! The APE Lacoste picked this campaign over all of the other competing students and presented it to the Mayor of the region for approval. The Mayor’s office loved it so much that they requested to run the campaign in Lacoste as well as additional villages in Provence.

Target Audience:
Parents in Lacoste, France, 29-45 (€19-39k),
with children enrolled at the Lacoste grade school. Married couples with some single parents and un-married couples.

Key Message:
You have so much to offer.

Many of the parents in the village commute to work and have limited time. Additionally, many have expressed a fear that if they were to step up and volunteer that they wouldn’t have any special skill or talent that would be valuable to teach the kids.

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