ADA Tour De Cure It's In My Blood

Integrated Ad Campaign

For people with diabetes, blood sugar levels are everything. This campaign presents a message that speaks to this, as well as the various reasons someone might participate in the Tour de Cure. As a headline-driven campaign it’s intense, passionate, and memorable. We feature people with strong stories to show just how diabetes can affect people from all walks of life.


Campaign exceeded the client's fundraising goal by 20% making it the second largest TCD race in the country and won Silver for Art Direction and Poster Design at the 2018 Orlando ADDYs.

Target Audience:
Singles and Families, 24-45 ($35-74k), who enjoy physical activity, bicycling, and supporting good causes. 

Key Message:
Ride, Run, or Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Diabetes affects over 30 million people in the US alone. As such, chances are that most people know a friend or family member that has the disease. This campaign taps into the emotional and relational reasons why someone would want to help cure the disease.

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This is the personal portfolio of Creative Director and Professor Timothy Carvalho and features graduate work, professional work, and select student work created at a variety of agencies and academic institutions. Special thanks to all of the students, professors, and colleagues that have been part of my project teams over the years.

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