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Ask Rosen

Digital + Direct Mail

Ask Rosen is an interactive voice controlled assistant who can answer questions and give facts about the Rosen properties. The campaign launched by sending meeting planners a device and collateral that prompted them to enable the new Alexa skill and ask questions. We customized two of the existing Amazon Echo products, wrapped them with Ask Rosen branding, placed each in a custom designed box, and provide detailed instructions on how to use the skill with example questions to get the user started.  

The Echo allows us to tap into its technology by providing the ability to create a custom voice skill (app). We programmed a skill with responses to the most common questions meeting planners have. If we don’t have the response pre-programmed we give the meeting planners a prompt to call for more information. The skill also includes a “welcome” message from Mr. Rosen, a short history of Rosen Hotels & Resorts, meeting and event information at all the convention properties, the hotels’ proximity to key Orlando business and leisure areas (e.g. the airport, the convention center and the attractions), as well as a couple of fun Easter Eggs. 


Campaign generated over $500k, paying for the client's investment more than five times over. It also won Gold for Package Design and Silver for Digital Creative Technology at the 2018 Orlando ADDYs, Gold for Digital Creative Technology at the 2018 District ADDYs, and Gold for Innovation at the 2019 HSMAI Adrian Awards.

Target Audience:
Meeting and Event Planners who have a need for information about potential spaces to host their meting.

Key Message:
Any Questions? Ask Rosen.

Meeting Planners have questions about Rosen Hotels & Resorts. This solution allows them to have a Q&A about anything and everything Rosen.

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